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"As a dancer, I have been seeing massage therapists for almost fifty years. For the last ten, I have been a client of Maya's. Her touch is immediately soothing. You feel her skill and confidence, and most importantly, her massage never feels impersonal. She listens to your needs and fine tunes her approach as she gets to know your body and how it responds to her work. To top it all off she has the gentlest voice and a very calm demeanor. You are definitely in good hands with Maya."


— Pat

"I've gotten massages from all different kinds of bodyworkers, and Maya is by far the best, most intuitive massage therapist I've been to. Her presence alone is calm and reassuring. Whenever I get a massage from Maya, my tight muscles soften into her firm touch, my chronic pain diminishes, and I'm able to drift off to sleep. If you are looking for a massage therapist who really 'gets' you, I cannot recommend Maya highly enough."

— Julietta

— Stephanie

"Maya is an amazing massage therapist who listens intently to her clients. She is knowledgeable, grounded, and dedicated to meeting clients' needs. I first came to her after a massive head injury that resulted in vision issues and recurring migraines, some of which lasted over a week. As a result of Maya's craft, I am happy to say that my symptoms have improved, and I am generally headache free. I am deeply grateful for her care and would recommend her highly."




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